Light bulb blew? It doesn’t matter, make something.

Batteries in mouse died? It doesn’t matter, make something.

Tired? Sore head? Sore toe? Doesn’t matter, make.

Chair too low? Desk too high? It doesn’t matter, make something.

Don’t think you’re good enough? None of us do, make something.

Parents, family, friends telling you you’re wasting your time? Screw them, make something and prove them wrong.

Teacher telling you that your work isn’t good enough? Keep making things, it will be. Or they’re wrong. Maybe both.

make a chair, make a sentence, make a website, make a ball of yarn, make a dinner, make a coffee. Make anything, just make, please, I’m begging you to make something.

You can, I promise, you can make something. No matter what anyone says, no matter how you feel, you can absolutely make something wonderful. You have the same opportunity as everyone else to make something that dents the universe, but you won’t get there without making something.

Writer with no ideas? Great, write about what it feels like to not have an idea. Write about the last time you didn’t have any ideas and how you got over it.

Designer with no ideas? Draw grids. Not much thinking there, but you’re making something. Sketch out a website that you can use to catalogue every time you find yourself without an idea.

Just make something. Any day in which you make something is a good day. It doesn’t matter if that something is lame or stupid or boring or derivative or too short or too small or too whatever, you’ve made something. You’re a step closer to it, whatever it is to you.

Sometimes we take big steps, sometimes we take small steps. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that there was something done, something now exists that didn’t and it’s because of you.

Make something and put it in front of people.

Make something and ask for feedback.

Make something and print it and put it on your wall and think about it.

Make something and stand next to it and point and get people’s attention and point some more, just keep making and keep pointing.

Sometimes that means sending an email to everyone you know, sometimes it means tweeting.

Just make and show. Craft and ship. Just do it.

Make, make, make. it’s the most natural thing in the world and I’m begging you to do it as much as you possibly can.

I want a great world for my kid, I want a great world for yours, whether they’re here yet or not. I want a great world for you and for me. I want a great world tomorrow, and the only way a great would can be had is if we keep making great things. And the only way to make great things is to make some things, any things. Just make something.

There’s only a handful of excuses big enough for you not to make, and believe me, if you’re reading this, you haven’t got any of them.

Don’t worry if it’s good or bad, just get use to making things and putting them in front of people. Hell, the worse it is the better because you’ll quickly grow comfortable with your work being in front of people.

Then once you’re use to making things as part of your everyday, THEN, and maybe only then, you can really worry about making it good.

Then great.

Then amazing.

But for now, just make something.