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The Jazzy Blue Notes of Reid Miles

Jan Tschichold – Typographic Genius

Reza Abedini

Beautiful Bjork

Beautiful Things

Day 07 – Look Closely at Life

Day 04 – Your Own Private Fishing Village

Gutenberg and the Book that Changed the World

Letterpress Addict

Music and the Artist

The Windmill Turneth

The Windmill in My Garage

For the Love of a Notebook

My Lovely Moleskine (Nice Notebook)

Book Reviews

9 Mini Reviews — I Do Love These Books: Part 1

Book Review: The Anatomy of Design

Sparkle and Spin, Little 1

The Typographic Commandments

To Infinity and Beyond!


For the Designer’s Shelf – Writing, Lies, Scripts, and Letters


Practice The Process

9 Things I Learnt From
 100 Days of Writing

Reflections on the Thirty Day Writing Challenge

Day 30 – Learn To Enjoy Discomfort and Watch Your Talents Grow

Day 29 – Keep Your Hands Moving

Day 28 – Design What You Know

Day 23 – Embracing Embarrassing Curiosities

Day 22 – Jealousy.

Day 21 – Small Frames Solve Big Problems

Day 20 – Why Designers Need Empathy (and How to Develop It)

Day 18 – Give Away Your Best Ideas

Day 15 – The Balance of Passion and Fear

Day 08 – What We Earn

Day 06 – Scare Yourself

Day 05 – Be Smart in the Solution, Not the Pitch

Day 01 – Stuck? Pay Tribute to Your Inspirations

Day Zero of a Thirty Day Writing Challenge

To Be A Beautiful Fool


The Colors of Grief

Learn Theory, Practise Aesthetic

Paula Scher, Herbert Matter & Swatch: Was it Plagiarism or Parody?

Photoshop Has (Almost) Nothing To Do With Graphic Design

Tomorrow's Cool

Going to the Next Level

Take a Journey of Inspiration

That Damned Wall

Pushing "Wrong" Out of the Picture

Valuable Ideas and TED

Natural Talent

The Sketches of Leonardo

How To Achieve An Impossible Task

Why Do Creatives Create?

If a tree falls

The Garden of the Mind ~ Part Two

The Garden of the Mind ~ Part One

Clarity in Quality

That Which Drives Us (Motivation)

Style & Voice


Pixar & Dreamworks: The Stories Their Brands Tell

How do you feel about advertising?

Graphic Design

Day 27 – What’s In It For Them?

Day 14 – Designer as Conductor

Day 11 – Ease the User’s Stress by Telling A Story

Day 10 – Good Design Moves People

Day 09 – Never Cheat the Content

Day 02 – Giving Gut Feeling Shape

Forget All The Rules About Graphic Design

Good Designers Learn From History

The Timeless Beauty of National Geographic

“Clarity!” Demanded the Modernists

The Secret Law of Page Harmony

Jan Tschichold's Inspiring Penguins

The Power of Emotion in Graphic Design

Reimagining Nineteen Eighty-Four

Art Director: Milton Glaser

50 Movie Poster Remakes (S-Z)

50 Movie Poster Remakes (M-R)

50 Movie Poster Remakes (H-L)

50 Movie Poster Remakes (A-G)

Process, Not Product

The Beauty of Minimalism


The Art of the Title

An Interview with David Airey

The Creative Blogger ~ Jacob Cass

Home Office, Sweet Home Office ~ Two

Home Office, Sweet Home Office ~ One


Links: Elegant Type & Floral Blades

Links: A Shadow of a Letter is Cast

Links: Craft within the strokes

Links: Olivetti & Bold Type

Links: Patterns, Dharma & Holi

Links: Beautiful Blackletter & Script

Links: Through A Beautiful R

Links: Ceramic Letters & Flowers

Links: Alien Buildings

Links: You guessed it, kerned



Why your client is a shithead

The Hallways of

The Grammar Cheat Sheet


3 Ways to Charm (Powerful) Inspiration

How The Inspiration Myth Devalues Our Craft

Why Inspiration Is A Myth (and What Beats it Every Time)

Never Be Worried About the Blank Page Again

Trying to Make Ugly Things Beautiful

Finding A Bit of Brilliance

How To Restart A Creative Habit

The Horrible Moment When We Stop

Plan For Who Knows

A Little Email Is A Big Thing

It Shows In Your Work

Mourning & Honouring Dead Heroes

Craftsmanship Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Who You Are

Does Anger Come From Unmet Expectations?

The Interesting Thing About Interesting Things


The Cunning Adventures of Clever & Smart

Distracted Learning

I’m Honoured To Use Your Craft

Use Rituals to Get There Faster

It’s Better To Obsess

Using Our Words Instead of Letting Them Use Us

How To Start Creative Work After A Break

It Doesn’t Matter, Make Something

Craft Ushers Into Our Lives Through Discipline

Everyone Loses the Blame Game

I Want To Be Wolf Bait (The Joy of “I Don’t Know”)

Seeing Something New In Your Old Photos

A Message Isn’t Spoken Until It’s Heard

You Should Practice the Pain

Your Words Matter

Look, Dismantle, Understand, Rebuild

Craft Saved My Brittle Skills

Build Your Workshop, Find Your Focus

Hidden Distractions and that Stupid Bear

Craft Is A Generous One

Will You Outlast Your Passion?

You Should Start with a Stumble

Are You Making Things That’ll Last?

It’s Ok to Crawl

Craft Solves Problems with Grace

The Whispers of Crafted Objects

What’s Your Craft?

You Should Be An Amateur

Beating Infinite Distractions


Day 13 – It’s Better to be a Student

Working Hard to Leap Buildings

The Redesign of Retinart

The Bird: The Redesign of Retinart


Typographic Marks Unknown II: Ligatures & Blockquotes!


Real World Grunge Type

The Typographic Scale

Typographic Marks Unknown

Typography 8: 1987

Working Life

Day 26 – Five Lists Worth Keeping

Day 25 – Aesthetic is a Given. Effectiveness is a Must.

Day 24 – Informal Mentors

Day 19 – The Professionals in the Children’s Wing

Day 17 – 5 Steps to Stop You Being Your Own Worst Client

Day 16 – The Brief is a Suggestion

Day 12 – Learn the Audience

Day 03 – Don’t Be Fearful of the Little Old Lady

You're Going To Be Fine

Experience & Trap Door Laughter

Good Designers Ask "Why?"

These Things, I Wish To Have Known

The In-House