It takes a lot to develop a craft.

It means missing out on things.

It means being left out.

It means leaving yourself out.

It means not getting some random bit of pop culture that doesn’t matter, it means watching one amazing TV show instead of a dozen bad ones.

But it gives back so much more. The work is so rewarding that all of the stuff that craft takes from you is given back a hundred times over.

A lot of the work that building a craft needs can seem, at the time, unrewarding. It can be boring. It can be tedious and torture.

But what the smallest of investments it is for what we get in return. Happiness. Simple, beautiful, wonderful, deep happiness.

Not just for you. Finding out own happiness can be quite easy, just load up YouTube and giggle away.

It’s helping those who use our products find happiness. It’s for those people who feel the weight of them, sense the detail they can’t see, understand that it’s something that was built by someone who really cares about what they’re doing and really cares about who uses it.

Developing your craft will kick your ass. It will take more than you think you’re capable of giving. It’ll take more than you think you have.

But it will give back more than you’ll ever need.

It won’t take long before you start to see how good you can be. Your skills will develop quickly, your work will improve dramatically.

It won’t take long before you start to not only be happy with your craft taking your time and energy from you, but you’ll be throwing such things at it every chance you get.

What have you given up to hone your craft?